Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Commercial Loan

A commercial loan is a much in demand scheme in today's world. Though many consumers think that a commercial loan is similar to a personal loan, the truth is something different. A commercial loan is more heavy weight and the application procedure or requirements are more complicated than those in a personal loan. There are lots of formalities involved and the process of a commercial loan sanction takes a long time. The factors which are weighed to adjudge the eligibility of a person for a commercial are, the credit history, credit score, income and the collateral security offered. There are lot of other paperwork required which varies according to the commercial project the loan is being sought for.

Sometimes the customers hire loan brokers who can land the best deals on commercial loans. It is not wise to approach a single lending authority without exploring several options. Once the broker or the customer approaches the bank or loan agencies, there needs to be a letter of intent written. This document is the main source of deciding on the terms of the commercial loan; like the interest rates, repayment period and the like.

The advantages or disadvantages of a commercial loan vary according to the type of the loan. Like a personal loan, a commercial loan too, comes in the unsecured and secured varieties. An unsecured commercial loan is apt for consumers who have low credit score and this does not call for any collateral deposit. On the downside, an unsecured commercial loan is not very convenient in terms of the high interest rates attached. Since the lender does not have any collateral security, they stand to lose in case of defaulting of payment by the borrower. Therefore the rates are kept high.

A secured type of commercial loan is one where the borrower needs to provide property or anything related, as collateral security. This reduces the risk of losses on part of the lending authority. Since the loan is secure the borrower has to repay at lower interest rates, as compared to the unsecured commercial loans. The terms of these loans are more flexible as well. A company can be made or marred on account of the commercial loans. The time period also has an important part in a commercial loan. The commercial loans may either be long term or short term, as the names are a proof into the meaning of these loans. A commercial loan is low on the liquidity factor. There is no availability of a secondary market for a commercial loan.

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